Using the Award Builder, configure your award(s) by selecting the design options you desire.

Upload an “Inscription Document” with the inscriptions for the awards in the Award Builder.

If you have a logo within the inscriptions, upload the logo file in the Award Builder.

If you are ordering a foil imprinted cover, upload the artwork file in the Award Builder.

Award Builder

The Awards created in the Award Builder will all be uniform. That is, the same size, orientation, metal plate, portfolio color, ribbon color, etc.

Repeat Award Builder if any variation is needed.

For Example: 1 Vertical & 1 Horizontal (Repeat Award Builder 2 times), 1 Gold & 1 Silver (2 times), 10 Petite, 3 Small, 1 Large & 1 Grande (4 times), 1 Vertical Gold Petite & 1 Vertical Gold Large & 1 Vertical Silver Petite (3 times), etc.


You have the option to provide your inscriptions later after placing your order.

In the Award Builder, you may upload a file (Inscription Document) with your inscription(s).

The Inscription document is what tells us what you want on each award ordered in the award builder.

Revise downloaded Inscription Document Templates to your own inscription text.

Helpful tip! Rename and save your revised Inscription Document files for easy identification and upload later.

Quantity of awards in the Award Builder should equal the quantity of inscriptions in the Inscription Document.

Upload your Inscription Document file in Award Builder.

Foil Imprinting

Minimum order for imprinted covers is 10 imprinted awards.

Cover foil imprints be either all silver or all gold from 1 artwork file for the full order.

Artwork for imprint must be only 1 color, white or transparent background. No gradients or screens. (It’s foil!)

Die fee is $30.

Set-up Fee

A $25 set-up fee will be added to all orders at checkout.

Set-up fee includes: Initial layout for the awards, 1st proof, revision if necessary, 2nd proof if necessary & pre-press review.

Award Builder

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