We are glad to work with organizations to make recognition simple, elegant and easy.

New Recognition recognizes that your desk is full, your time stretched and we want to know, “How can we make recognition easier for you?


We do the work.  Once we have direction as to sizes, colors and design, fulfillment clients send us inscriptions and instructions, and we send proofs.  Upon approval, we send awards to the recipient or the presenter.  Auto billing and invoicing available for approved accounts.


The New Recognition Fulfillment Department can be ready with foil embossed portfolios, and whether you want to recognize your five, ten, twenty year employees together at the year-end event or individually on their anniversary dates, we will work with your company to be sure your employees are recognized and appreciated with style and class.  Consider variations of size and colors for different levels of service.

We’ll be ready for your performance recognition awards too!  We love working with your HR departments in making recognition a regular part of your company culture.

Employee Recognition

You didn’t even know it was your five year work anniversary.  New Recognition did, and your manager got the Award, placed it on your desk, and yes, it sure is nice to be recognized.  #Ilovethiscompany!

The option to add corner ribbons on the left hand side presents creative possibilities for photos, congratulations notes, etc.  On the Grande Awards, insert a letter on company letterhead from the company bigwigs!


Your welcome packet tells new members a lot about your organization.  Let us send it, along with an impressive membership document on brushed steel or gold inside an elegant foil stamped portfolio.

Work with our fulfillment department so we’re ready when the conference is a few days away and you don’t have your awards set-up yet.  Now you do!

Arrived in Orlando and forgot something?  Fulfillment’s got your back.

Fundraising Campaigns

Our fulfillment department is the answer to sending a show of gratitude to your generous benefactors with recognition that communicates elegance and sophistication.  That’s how New Recognition got started.  Our  awards were created to recognize the capital campaign founders of a scholarship for the City University of New York.


Some endeavors merit more than a paper certificate with the principal’s signature.  For those special accomplishments, send them home with an award with their name and school seal on brushed silver or gold, and send them home proud!