New Recognition’s Online and Offline Privacy Policy (Last updated: March 31,2016)

When you visit this website, you accept the terms and practices of this Privacy Policy.

This policy describes our privacy practices as follows:

  • Information sharing and use of data collected on this website
  • Your data preferences: Correction or removal of information.
  • Security practices in place to protect your information


Information Sharing and Use

We collect information that you enter on our website when you submit a request for information or place an order. New Recognition is the sole owner and manager of the information collected on this site.  We do not rent or sell this data with any third party for any reason.


We share your order payment information only with our payment processing company and only for the purposes of collecting payments.  We share your address only with our delivery organizations (i.e. USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) for the purpose of shipping orders.  Our policies limit access to personal user information that is collected from this website to our employees and agents and the employees and/or agents of our affiliates and business partners who need the information to fulfill their business responsibilities.


Finally, we may use the information provided to us to notify you of specials, new products or product features, or other communications about our products and/or services.


We may collect data through the use of cookies.  Our website uses cookies when you log in (to help the site remember you), in the newsletter popup, and in the Shopping Cart function.  To the extent allowed by law, users consent to the use of cookies.  Cookies may be deactivated by the user at any time.


Your Data Preferences

New Recognition does not want to be considered as spam or nuisance mail by any client or potential client and we have adopted practices to ensure the communications we issue from our offices are topical and infrequent.  We are committed to responding immediately to any unsubscribe requests, either via our Constant Contact List or directly to our offices via e-mail, or telephone 973.729.7290.


If you have changes or revisions to your data, please contact our offices via e-mail, or telephone 973.729.7290.


If you have any question about  the use of your data, please contact our offices via e-mail, or telephone 973.729.7290.


Security Practices

New Recognition is committed to the security of your information.  We take precautions in the selection of our servers, our website hosting company and our payment processing company.  We appreciate that protecting consumer privacy is a key part of our trusted relationship with our clients.

New Recognition employees and others with duties related to this website must adhere to this Privacy Policy.  Any employee violating this Privacy Policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal and/or legal action.

New Recognition’s shopping cart is integrated to redirect our customer to the payment gateway’s servers.  No website customer’s payment information is ever transmitted between New Recognition’s website Host server and the customer.  Payment is transacted once the customer enters the shopping cart area of the website which is indicated by the URL prefix “https:\\…”



[Rev. by LPP 3/30/16]